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boxfish | 2016

Architecture design Project.  Project Management and supervisión. Interior architecture design. Interior design Furniture design. Creative executions. Set up project. 2015-2016

The project responds to the need for a dynamic and satellite work team. The construction of diverse content required a space open to new needs. The materials are simple and their functions are transparent. The choice in colorimetry, art and furniture grew alongside Boxfish.


fig 01

fig 02

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                                    fig 12                                                                           fig 13

fig  14


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     fig 24                                                                                        

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                                  fig 35

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team: estudio Karina kreth; constructor: Alberto lister; art acquisition consultation: liga buenos aires; ph: celeste najt; among others.  

fig 01_boxfish_CelesteNajt. fig 02_boxfish_axo. fig 03_boxfish_implantacion. fig 04_boxfish_CelesteNajt. fig 05_boxfish_CelesteNajt. fig 06_boxfish_CelesteNajt. fig 07_boxfish_axo. fig 08_boxfish_obra. fig 09_boxfish_boxfish. fig 10_boxfish_obra. fig 11_boxfish_planta. fig 12_boxfish_CelesteNajt. fig 13_boxfish_CelesteNajt.fig 14_boxfish_boxfish. fig 15_boxfish_CelesteNajt. fig 16_boxfish_obra. fig 17_boxfish_obra. fig 18_boxfish_axo. fig 19_boxfish_CelesteNajt. fig 20_boxfish_CelesteNajt. fig 21_boxfish_CelesteNajt. fig 22_boxfish_CelesteNajt. fig_23_boxfish_CelesteNajt. fig 24_boxfish_CelesteNajt. fig 25_boxfish_vista. fig 26_boxfish_CelesteNajt. fig 27_boxfish_boxfish. fig 28__boxfish_vista. fig 29_boxfish_boxfish.fig 30_boxfish_boxfish. fig 31_boxfish_boxfish fig 32_boxfish_CelesteNajt. fig 33_boxfish_CelesteNajt. fig 34_boxfish_vista. fig 35_boxfish_CelesteNajt. fig 36_boxfish_CelesteNajt. fig 37_boxfish_CelesteNajt. fig 38_boxfish_CelesteNajt.