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sm | 2017

Interior Architecture; Interior Design; Furniture Design;  Creative executions; Project Set-Up. 2017

In the heart of NY, this apartment located in the south of Manhattan, enjoys great freedom in its own administration and in the definition of its communications and interrelations. The kitchen opens completely onto the living room, where from the duplication of accesses, it creates an adequate experience to the space. The bedrooms and service areas are turned towards the opposite front of this characteristic building of the neighborhood. In the service areas, the space worked with simple and memorable materials, invading in an endless way, all the involved areas, achieving a continuous and simple reading in its use.


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team: estudio Karina kreth; constructor: Rafael Bueno; technical development and furniture manufacturing: Rafael Bueno + matteo zorzenoni (design); lighting fixture design: apparatus lighting; ph: miguel guzman / imagen subliminal ; among others.

fig 01_sm_MiguelGuzman. fig 02_sm_implantacion. fig 03_sm_Manhattan. fig 04_sm_MiguelGuzman. fig 05_sm_MiguelGuzman. fig 06_sm_axo. fig 07_sm_axo. fig 08_sm_MiguelGuzman. fig 09_sm_MiguelGuzman. fig 10_sm_MiguelGuzman. fig 11_sm_planta. fig 12_sm_MiguelGuzman. fig 13_sm_axo. fig 14_sm_MiguelGuzman. fig 15_sm_MiguelGuzman. fig 16_sm_MiguelGuzman. fig 17_sm_MiguelGuzman. fig 18_sm_axo. fig 19_sm_MiguelGuzman. fig 20_sm_MiguelGuzman. fig 21_sm_MiguelGuzman. fig 22_sm_MiguelGuzman. fig 23_sm_MiguelGuzman. fig 24_sm_MiguelGuzman.  fig 25_sm_axo. fig 26_sm_MiguelGuzman. fig 27_sm_axo detalle.

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