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Vision, identity and design process consultation. Interior design. furniture design. Creative executions. Set up project. 2017-2018                                                                                                 

Casa de Rentas de José Manuel Jorge, 1932. Francisco de Vittoria y Guido. The “Casa de Rentas de José Manuel Jorge” stands out amongst the architectural works of Alejandro Bustillo for its stylistic neutrality, its monotone color, and the subtle use of ornament. This building, located in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires, is one of the few in the area that has been conserved in its original state. Paying homage to its initial design, the project sought to extend the preservation efforts into the interior. These efforts go beyond aesthetic choices in materials and the use of simple lines, to more structural level interventions in airflow, lighting patterns, and living dynamics. The harmonious encounters between what is original, what is restored, and what is new is emblematic of this apartment. A curve in the building’s interior wall is picked-up by the furniture and serves to soften pervasive straight edges, contributing to the overall balance of the space.


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team: estudio Karina kreth; architecture and constructor: obrando construye; technical development and furniture manufacturing: agustina gentili + pablo carracedo; ph: Javier agustin rojas; among others.

fig 01_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 02_as_axo. fig 03_as_implantacion. fig 04_as_javierAgustinRojas.fig 05_as_obra. fig 06_as_obra. fig 07_as_axo. fig 08_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 09_as_JavierAgustinRojas.fig 10_as_vistas. fig 11_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 12_as_planta. fig 13_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 14_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 15_as_axo. fig 16_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 17_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 18_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 19_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 20_as_vista. fig 21_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 22_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 23_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 24_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 25_as_obra. fig 26_as_electricidad. fig 27_as_vista. fig 28_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 29_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 30_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 31_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 32_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 33_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 34_as_vista. fig 35_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 36_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 37_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 38_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 39_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 40_as_vista. fig 41_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 42_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 43_as_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 44_as_JavierAgustinRojas.