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Karina Kreth is an Argentinian architect, art director and founder of Estudio Karina Kreth and Krethaus -

A new simplicity.

All over her work Karina tries to match the value of the artisan exploration and the possibilities of industrial reproduction in order to guarantee quality, security and market accessibility looking for uniqueness in experience.

Karina strongly believes that, beside any impediment, it is possible to fulfil the professional calling by working side to side with others. Team work, and collaboration are the basis of the design process all over her projects. Nothing is taken for granted. Experience and formal knowledge are the basis of the workshop method as used to be in the Bauhaus proposal. And all of this is reflected in Estudio Karina Kreth, which is made up of carpenters, artists, architects, industrial designers and history researchers.

Estudio Karina Kreth is the architecture area where she investigates / explores the idea of building scenes from everyday life experience. Each design scene reveals that historical and cultural approximations are the way to find out the real issues of our time.

She also has Krethaus, founded ten years ago by Karina alongside her sister, is a family furniture and concept brand company that focus on timeless and responsible design with international distribution, founded on the desire to reach a voice to extend age and gender issues. It’s possible to see how Estudio Karina Kreth and Krethaus work together in several of Karina’s projects.