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ps | 2013

Interior design. furniture design. Creative executions. Set up project.

The team, estudio karinakreth + estudio Nougues, worked with a rigorous focus at the conservation of the existing space. Spatial conservation was the guideline that prioritized the idea of cultural revisionism that the project tacitly brought in relation to its owners. Differences from local to global cultures, left the freedom of some of the many design consequences achieved in the project as its main composition. The pre-existing structure and the intimate compilation offer the update of this equation in its design journey. The light gain obtained in the use of transparencies and the spatial reuse in the rear facade, created a succession of central uses for behavior in the new project.


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team: estudio Karina kreth; architecture: estudio marcelo nougues; art acquisition consultation: liga buenos aires; lighting fixture design: bec brittain; ph: celeste najt; among others

fig 01_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 02_ps_implantacion. fig 03_ps_axo. fig 04_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 05_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 06_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 07_ps_axo. fig 08_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 09_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 10_ps_planta. fig 11_ps_axo. fig 12_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 13_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 14_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 15_ps_planta. fig 16_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 17_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 18_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 19_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 20_ps_axo. fig 21_ps_axo. fig 22_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 23_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 24_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 25_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 26_ps_vista. fig 27_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 28_ps_planta. fig 29_ps_vista. fig 30_ps_planta. fig 31_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 32_ps_vista. fig 33_ps_CelesteNajt.fig 34_ps_planta. fig 35_ps. fig 36_ps. fig 37_ps_detalle. fig 38_ps_axo. fig 39_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 40_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 41_ps_gif. fig 42_ps_gif. fig 43_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 44_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 45_ps_planta. fig 46_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 47_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 48_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 49_ps. fig 50_ps. fig 51_ps_planta. fig 52_ps_CelesteNajt. fig 53_ps_axo. fig 54_ps_CelesteNajt.