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mw | 2018

Architecture design Project. Project Management and supervisión. Interior architecture design. Interior design Furniture design. Creative executions. Set up project. 2016-2017

This apartment is located in an iconic 1970’s building in the city of Buenos Aires and boasts one of the city’s best viewpoints. Great efforts were made to maintain key benefits in the original structure such as natural airflow and unfettered views, while stripping the interior of unnecessary excess. The resulting space invites free visual and physical circulation that expands seamlessly into its city views.


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fig 09

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team: estudio Karina kreth; constructor: Jorge garabito; lighting design consultation: Arturo peruzzotti; ; art acquisition consultation: liga buenos aires; technical development and furniture manufacturing: estudio hanma; ph: Javier agustín rojas; among others.

fig 01_mw_JavierAgustinRojas.  fig 02_mw_axo.  fig 03_mw_implantacion.  fig 04_mw_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 05_mw_axo. fig 06_mw_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 07_mw_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 08_mw_obra.  fig 09_mw_planta.  fig 10_mw_JavierAgustinRojas.  fig 11_mw_axo.  fig 12_mw_obra.  fig 13_mw_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 14_mw_axo.  fig 15_mw_detalle.  fig 16_mw_JavierAgustinRojas.  fig 17_mw_axo.  fig 18_mw_axo. fig 19_mw_obra. fig 20_mw_planta. fig 21_mw_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 22_mw_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 23_mw_planta.  fig 24_mw_avierAgustinRojas.  fig 25_mw_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 26_mw_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 27_mw_gif. fig 28_mw_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 29_mw_planta. fig 30_mw_axo.  fig 31_mw_JavierAgustinRojas.  fig 32_mw_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 33_mw_axo. fig 34_mw_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 35_mw_gif.  fig 36_mw_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 37_mw_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 38_mw_obra. fig 39_mw_planta. fig 40_mw_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 41_mw_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 42_mw_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 43_mw_planta.  fig 44_mw_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 45_mw_detalle.  fig 46_mw_axo. fig 47_mw_obra. fig 48_mw_obra. fig 49_mw_avierAgustinRojas. fig 50_mw_JavierAgustinRojas.  fig 51_mw_planta. fig 52_mw_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 53_mw_obra. fig 54_mw_detalle. fig 55_mw_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 56_mw_planta. fig 57_mw_obra. fig 58_mw_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 59_mw_axo. fig 60_mw_planta.