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dl | 2020

Vision, identity and design process consultation. Interior architecture design. furniture design. Creative executions. 2019-2020

It´s always a challenge to face an already started project. In ED house, this situation made us rethink the architecture as we know it, a deep and serious craft with a long history on culture and tradition. As architects we found references for our projects in art, philosophy, literature or nature, above other things. In this case, everything was written in the culture of those who, as part of this family, enriched us with their teachings from very distant countries at the beginning of the 20th century upon arriving in Argentina.

The references became words and the words became the game that invite people to experience the architecture and nature of the materials used through their eyes and tangibility. I think that this peculiarity can create feelings and emotions, and these are attributes often lack in architecture and that we strive to recover these days. We know that projects like ED house are probably not the way to go on a large scale, but we know that we must dare more.


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team: estudio Karina kreth;  terrazzo: pimux; wooden advice: Alberdi maderas; landscape: Ignacio montes de oca; technical development and furniture manufacturing: estudio hanma; ph: Javier agustin rojas; among others.

fig 01_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 02_dl_axo. fig 03_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 04_dl_planta. fig 05_dl_obra. fig 06_dl_obra. fig 07_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 08_dl_axo. fig 09_dl_obra. fig 10_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 11_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 12_dl_obra. fig 13_dl_obra. fig 14_dl_obra. fig 15_dl_obra. fig 16_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 17_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 18_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 19_dl_axo. fig 20_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 21_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 22_dl_axo. fig 23_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 24_dl_axo. fig 25_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 26_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 27_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 28_dl_obra. fig 29_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 30_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 31_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 32_dl_obra. fig 33_dl_obra. fig 34_dl_obra. fig 35_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 36_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 37_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 38_dl_pJavierAgustinRojas. fig 39_dl_axo. fig 40_dl_obra. fig 41_dl_obra. fig 42_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 43_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 44_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 45_dl_obra. fig 46_dl_obra. fig 47_dl_planta. fig 48_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 49_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 50_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 51_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 52_dl_obra. fig 53_dl_obra. fig 54_dl_obra. fig 55_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 56_dl_obra. fig 57_dl_obra. fig 58_dl_axo. fig 59_dl_obra. fig 60_dl_obra. fig 61_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 62_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 63_dl_obra. fig 64_dl_vista. fig 65_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 66_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 67_dl_obra. fig 68_dl_obra. fig 69_dl_planta. fig 70_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 71_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 72_dl_obra. fig 73_dl_obra. fig 74_dl_obra. fig 75_dl_obra. fig 76_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 77_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 78_dl_axo. fig 79_dl_obra. fig 80_dl_obra. fig 81_dl_obra. fig 82_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 83_dl_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 84_dl_JavierAgustinRojas.