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landia | 2009

Interior architecture design. Interior design. furniture design. Creative executions. Set up project. 2009

This interior project is a collaboration between Estudio Karina Kreth, estudio Horacio Gallo, landscape designer Ignacio Montes de Oca, and the owners of Landia, an internationally renown production company with offices throughout the globe. Informed by the narrative endeavors intrinsic to Landia’s work, we designed their Buenos Aires office to be a space where creativity can flourish. Through the use of neutral colors, natural materials, custom furniture, and art we created fluid environments that work both to represent who they are and support what they do.


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team: estudio Karina kreth; visual: Horacio gallo; lighting design consultation: Arturo peruzzotti; landscape: Ignacio montes de oca; ph: celeste najt; among others.

fig 01_landia_CelesteNajt. fig 02_landia_implantacion. fig 03_landia_planta. fig 04_landia_CelesteNajt. fig 05_landia_planta. fig 06_landia_CelesteNajt. fig 07_landia_CelesteNajt. fig 08_landia_CelesteNajt. fig 09_landia_CelesteNajt. fig 10_landia_CelesteNajt. fig 11_landia_CelesteNajt. fig 12_landia_CelesteNajt. fig 13_landia_axo. fig 14_landia_CelesteNajt. fig 15_landia_CelesteNajt. fig 16_landia_CelesteNajt. fig 17_landia_CelesteNajt. fig 18_landia_CelesteNajt. fig 19_landia_axo. fig 20_landia. fig 21_landia_planta. fig 22_landia_CelesteNajt. fig 23_landia. fig 24_landia_axo. fig 25_landia_planta. fig 26_landia_CelesteNajt. fig 27_landia. fig 28_landia_CelesteNajt. fig 29_landia. fig 30_landia_planta. fig 31_landia_CelesteNajt. fig 32_landia_CelesteNajt. fig 33_landia_CelesteNajt. fig 34_landia_CelesteNajt.