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pm | 2018

Vision, identity and design process consultation. Interior Architecture; Interior Design; Furniture Design;  Creative executions; Project Set-Up. 2016-2018.

The project describes a garden-house for a family as a refuge and meeting place. Where estudio karina kreth collaborated with estudio arquitecturam on the vision, and identity of the project. This vision located the emphasis  in the “runway” entrance with the large window frame located in the end with almost an infinite view. This made that, in its center, the patio space that intertwines the different house levels, needed to break with verticality this flat linearity, for which we projected a linear railing of sorts, designed in a large color plane. The decision to manipulate the verticality of the structure, added to the decision to frame certain carpentry according to their use in the program, allowed us to decipher where to locate the public and the private areas in relation to the amount and the way they received sunlight. Nature in its materials, accompanies the exterior and open views, and makes the house visually attractive through the change of seasons.

The natural materials make it haptical, its visitors are able to listen to the house, all the senses are blooming. The landscaping made nature become a part of daily life and got its own aroma. The main rooms are supported by the distribution linked to the furniture designed on site, and its viewpoints, part of the main project envelope.


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Team: estudio Karina kreth; architecture: arquitecturam; craft technical development and furniture manufacturing: pablo ledesma; art acquisition consultation: liga buenos aires; lighting design consultation: Arturo peruzzotti; lansacape: Valeria Hermida; ph: Javier agustín rojas; among others.

fig 01_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 02_pm_axo. fig 03_pm_planta. fig 04_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 05_pm_axo. fig 06_pm__JavierAgustinRojas. fig 07_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 08_pm_obra. fig 09_pm_obra. fig 10_pm_obra. fig 11_pm_obra. fig 12_pm_planta. fig 13_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 14_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 15_pm_obra. fig 16_pm_planta. fig 17_pm_axo. fig 18_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 19_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 20_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 21_pm_obra. fig 22_pm_axo. fig 23_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 24_pm_axo. fig 25_pm_obra. fig 26_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 27_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 28_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 29_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 30_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 31_pm_axo. fig 32_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 33_pm_axo. fig 34_pm_obra. fig 35_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 36_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 37_pm_axo. fig 38_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 39_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 40_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 41_pm_planta. fig 42_pm_axo. fig 43_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 44_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 45_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 46_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 47_pm_planta. fig 48_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 49_pm_obra. fig 50_pm_obra. fig 51_pm_axo. fig 52_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 53_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 54_pm_planta. fig 55_pm_obra. fig 56_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 57_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 58_pm_axo. fig 59_pm_obra. fig 60_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 61_pm_JavierAgustinRojas.fig 62_pm_axo. fig 63_pm_planta. fig 64_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 65_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 66_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 67_pm_planta. fig 68_pm__JavierAgustinRojas. fig 69_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 70_pm_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 71_pm_JavierAgustinRojas.