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blk | 2015

Vision, identity and design process consultation. Interior design. Set up project. 2014

The concept of volume was what directed this search, and it´s finding, the decision to preserve the existing. This apartment located in a building by the Architect Pablo Eugenio Pater and the Architect Alberto Morea from 1939, on the corner of Alvear Avenue, is a reflection of how changes and social demands are gradual and partial, as well as typological transformations. Built during the 1930s, under the modality of "rent house". It is related to the “Modern Style”, a style that characterized the urban landscape of Buenos Aires. Belonging to the Rationalist School, it´s the local reflection of rationalism and the modern movement. Today, the value of its characteristics respond to its original and generous criteria of sunlight and ventilation; greater spatial fluidity achieved through less compartimentalisation and the union of rooms with sliding doors; rationalization in the distribution of service areas; the multiplication of bathrooms and the appearance of the functionally designed and scientifically equipped kitchen, that were once part of the practical ideas of these authors and their particular interpretation of modernity.

In a more detailed analysis of this typology we must highlight the location of the bedrooms in the facade of the building, and the living rooms in the most quiet part. This decision is understandable in the cases that, as in this project, the rear facades have the view of generous gardens in the heart of the block. The incorporation of "terrace balconies" and the permeability of the interior plant with the exterior, were the notable characteristics of that time and its validity today.

The harmony of the volumes, the balconies and the large windows, the porthole windows of naval imprint characteristic of the time, the success of the large canopy and the double bronze door - with a certain reminiscence of art deco-, with two separate planters that frame it, the sumptuous and severe style of the large entrance hall -with its large side lamps- and its walnut-veneered elevators, make this a great building, immune to the passage of time.


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team: estudio Karina kreth; art acquisition consultation: liga buenos aires; ph: celeste najt; among others.

fig 01_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 02_blk_axo. fig 03_blk_implantacion. fig 04_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 05_blk_RevistaNuestraArquitecturaN30(1940). fig 06_blk_plano. fig 07_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 08_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 09_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 10_blk_RevistaNuestraArquitecturaN30(1940). fig 11_blk_plantas. fig 12_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 13_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 14_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 15_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 16_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 17_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 18_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 19_blk_RevistaNuestraArquitecturaN30(1940). fig 20_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 21_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 22_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 23_blk_RevistaNuestraArquitecturaN30(1940). fig 24_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 25_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 26_blk_axo. fig 27_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 28_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 29_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 30_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 31_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 32_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 33_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 34_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 35_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 36_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 37_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 38_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 39_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 40_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 41_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 42_blk_RevistaNuestraArquitecturaN30(1940). fig 43_blk_RevistaNuestraArquitecturaN30(1940). fig 44_blk_axo. fig 45_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 46_blk_RevistaNuestraArquitecturaN30(1940). fig 47_blk_planta. fig 48_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 49_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 50_blk_CelesteNajt. fig 51_blk_CelesteNajt.