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asm | 2014

Vision, identity and design process consultation.; Interior Architecture; Interior Design; Furniture Design;  Creative executions; Project Set-Up. 2014-2016.

Architecture in all its instances, creates a special bond with the building and underlines a personal relationship. estudio karina kreth collaborated  with estudio r. pereyra iraola in the vision and identity of this proyect. The organicity of the selected materials are not only a tool to ensure a self-sufficient life, but are also proclaimed as an element in the design. Nature is a patient sculptor and will transform the house over time. The work stitched together the idea of exterior-interior, a harmony that was sought step by step and ended up creating spaces to stay and also to walk through, promoting an enjoyable time.


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                                fig 11                                                                            fig 12

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                                                    fig 25                                                                                        fig 26


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                                  fig 38                                                                      fig 39 

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                            fig 46

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fig 61                                         

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Team: estudio Karina kreth; architecture: Ricardo pereyra iraola arquitectos; constructor; Fernando valls; craft technical development and furniture manufacturing: pablo ledesma; art acquisition consultation: liga buenos aires; lighting fixture design: apparatus lighting; lighting design consultation; Arturo peruzzotti; landscape: Valeria Hermida; ph: celeste najt; among others.

fig 01_sm_Celeste Najt. fig 02_sm_axo. fig 03_sm_planta. fig 04_sm_axo. fig 05_sm_ Celeste Najt . fig 06_sm_planta. fig 07_sm_axo.fig 08_sm_ Celeste Najt . fig 09_sm_axo. fig 10_sm_detalle. fig 11_sm_ Celeste Najt . fig 12_sm_ Celeste Najt . fig 13_sm_ Celeste Najt .fig 14_sm_planta. fig 15_sm_axo. fig 16_sm_planta. fig 17_sm_ Celeste Najt . fig 18_sm_ Celeste Najt . fig 19_sm_ Celeste Najt .fig 20_sm_ Celeste Najt . fig 21_sm_ Celeste Najt . fig 22_sm_obra. fig 23_sm_obra. fig 24_sm_obra. fig 25_sm_ Celeste Najt. fig 26_sm_ Celeste Najt . fig 27_sm_ Celeste Najt . fig 28_sm_ Celeste Najt . fig 29_sm_planta. fig 30_sm_planta. fig 31_sm_obra. fig 32_sm_obra. fig 33_sm_axo. fig 34_sm_ Celeste Najt. fig 35_sm_ Celeste Najt . fig 36_sm_ Celeste Najt. fig 37_sm_axo. fig 38_sm_ Celeste Najt. fig 39_sm_ Celeste Najt. fig 40_sm_ Celeste Najt . fig 41_sm_ Celeste Najt . fig 42_sm_planta. fig 43_sm_ Celeste Najt . fig 44_sm_ Celeste Najt. fig 45_sm_ Celeste Najt .fig 46_sm_planta. fig 47_sm_axo. fig 48_sm_ Celeste Najt . fig 49_sm_planta. fig 50_sm_ Celeste Najt. fig 51_sm_ Celeste Najt. fig 52_sm_ Celeste Najt . fig 53_sm_ Celeste Najt . fig 54_sm_obra. fig 55_sm_obra. fig 56_sm_obra. fig 57_sm_obra. fig 58_sm_obra. fig 59_sm_ Celeste Najt . fig 60_sm_obra. fig 61_sm_planta. fig 62_sm_obra. fig 63_sm_ Celeste Najt . fig 64_sm_ Celeste Najt . fig 65_sm_planta.fig 66_sm_ Celeste Najt . fig 67_sm_ Celeste Najt . fig 68_sm_ Celeste Najt . fig 69_sm_ Celeste Najt . fig 70_sm_Celeste Najt.