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vm | 2020

Vision, identity and design process consultation. Interior design. furniture design. Creative Executions. Set up project. 2018-2020

This 1950’s home in Rhode-Saint-Genèse, Brussels is located steps away from the park Bois de la Cambre. The remarkable greenery surrounding the house was the inspiration for it’s re-envisioning. The integration of the kitchen and dinning spaces, which visually continue into the surrounding landscape, responds to the harmony and dynamism in this family’s way of life.

[ work in progress ]

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                        fig 03                                                          fig 04

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team: estudio Karina kreth; local team: clement parnier des touches; craft wall and floor cladding: baptiste cassart ; craft technical development and furniture manufacturing: europort; furniture: in store; kitchen: boffi; among others.

fig 01_vm_bruselas_obra. fig 02_vm_bruselas_planta. fig 03_vm_bruselas_obra. fig 04_vm_bruselas_obra. fig 05_vm_bruselas_planta. fig 06_vm_bruselas_obra. fig 07_vm_bruselas_obra. fig 08_vm_bruselas_vista. fig 09_vm_bruselas_obra. fig 10_vm_bruselas_obra. fig 11_vm_bruselas_vista. fig 12_vm_bruselas_vista. fig 13_vm_bruselas_oaxo. fig 14_vm_bruselas_axo. fig 15_vm_bruselas_axo. fig 16_vm_bruselas_axo. fig 17_vm_bruselas_obra. fig 18_vm_bruselas_obra. fig 19_vm_bruselas_vista. fig 20_vm_bruselas_obra. fig 21_vm_bruselas_obra. fig 22_vm_bruselas_obra. fig 23_vm_bruselas_planta. fig 24_vm_bruselas_planta. fig 25_vm_bruselas_planta.fig 26_vm_bruselas_obra. fig 27_vm_bruselas_obra. fig 28_vm_bruselas_obra. fig 29_vm_bruselas_planta. fig 30_vm_bruselas_obra. fig 31_vm_bruselas_obra. fig 32_vm_bruselas_obra.