Krethaus - A New Simplicity

Krethaus is a contemporary children’s furniture company dedicated to creating a nurturing
environment for young families. Every piece fuses contemporary design with materials of
exceptional quality and is brought to life by hand-made craftsmanship.

The desire to create a comforting sanctuary for children is what informs Krethaus’ creative agenda.
Each piece is crafted to the highest level in a quest to beautify the everyday and contribute to an
inspiring environment for little ones with big imaginations to grow up in.

Simplicity and originality are the core fundamental concepts of Krethaus. Responding to the needs
of a young family while adding character to the home drives the production of timeless pieces that
combine functionality with effortlessness.

More than just a concept, Krethaus is a byword for a lifestyle that combines contemporary design
with natural grace. It transcends the product to encompass warmth, unique design and
inimitable character.