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ggb | 2020

Interior design. furniture design. Creative Executions. Set up project. 2019-2020

This, our second project in the “Casa de Rentas de José Manuel Jorge”, is a collaboration with the Buenos Aires-based architecture firm Estudio Clusellas.  Once again we must highlight that this building stands out amongst the architectural works of Alejandro Bustillo for it’s stylistic neutrality, its monotone color, and the subtle use of ornament. Located in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires, it’s one of the few in the area that fully survived the indiscriminate “urbanization” push of the early 20th century. Here too we focused on extending the preservation of this historic building into the interior space. Through the use of clean lines and natural materials we were able to highlight its original simplicity, while at the same time creating a perfect vessel for the owners’ extensive art collection.  

[work in progress]

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team: estudio Karina kreth; architecture: estudio clusellas; constructor: obrando construye; technical development and furniture manufacturing: estudio hanma + facundo amandola; lighting fixture development: huup; chairs: janello editora; musicalization advice: mariano blanco; audio visual recording: Federico lo bianco; among others.

fig 01_ggb_obra. fig 02_ggb_axo. fig 03_ggb_implantacion. fig 04_ggb_obra. fig 05_ggb_planta. fig 06_ggb_obra. fig 07_ggb_obra. fig 08_ggb_obra. fig 09_ggb_planta. fig 10_ggb_axo. fig 11_ggb_vista. fig 12_ggb_axo. fig 13_ggb_planta. fig 14_ggb_obra. fig 15_ggb_vista. fig 16_ggb_planta. fig 17_ggb_obra. fig 18_ggb_obra. fig 19_ggb_obra. fig 20_ggb_planta. fig 21_ggb_vista. fig 22_ggb_axo. fig 23_ggb_obra. fig 24_ggb_planta. fig 25_ggb_vista. fig 26_ggb_vista. fig 27_ggb_planta. fig 28_ggb_axo. fig 29_ggb_vista. fig 30_ggb_axo. fig 31_ggb_obra. fig 32_ggb_vista. fig 33_ggb_obra. fig 34_ggb_planta. fig 35_ggb_axo. fig 36_ggb_axo. fig 37_ggb_vista. fig 38_ggb_axo. fig 39_ggb_planta. fig 40_ggb_vista. fig 41_ggb_vista. fig 42_ggb_axo. fig 43_ggb_obra. fig 44_ggb_planta. fig 45_ggb_axo. fig 46_ggb_vista. fig 47_ggb_obra.