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ch | 2018

Vision, identity and design process consultation. Interior architecture design. furniture design. Creative executions. Set up project. 2017-2018

Reconstruction work requires a certain degree of patience: the moment you find yourself carefully taking something apart and putting it back together. These are processes that the reform requires, essential time to navigate every need, historical context, building requirements and even climatic problems that keep us alert, as in this project so exposed to the wind in the city. The reconstruction placed the recreation area on the second floor with direct access to the large terrace, facing on the large avenue. The project works on the integration between lifestyle and its use. The main rooms on the facade enjoy the terrace and the open view; while the staircase functions as a piece of furniture, a "vertical line" of sorts, and is presented as a domestic device with an artistic intention, which in its use forms a mobile unit, an inhabited piece of furniture.


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team: estudio Karina kreth; architecture and consructor: estudio simple; landscape: estudio bulla; technical development and product manufacturing: agustina gentili + Pablo carracedo; lighting fixture development: huup; among others.

fig 01_ch_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 02_ch_axo. fig 03_ch_implantacion. fig 04_ch_obra. fig 05_ch_obra. fig 06_ch_planta. fig 07_ch_obra. fig 08_ch_obra. fig 09_ch_obra. fig 10_ch_planta. fig 11_ch_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 12_ch_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 13_ch_axo. fig 14_ch_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 15_ch_obra. fig 16_ch_obra. fig 17_ch_obra. fig 18_ch_vista. fig 19_ch_planta. fig 20_ch_obra. fig 21_ch_obra. fig 22_ch_obra. fig 23_ch_planta. fig 24_ch_vista. fig 25_ch_vista. fig 26_ch_obra. fig 27_ch_obra. fig 28_ch_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 29_ch_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 30_ch_planta. fig 31_ch_vista. fig 32_ch_axo. fig 33_ch_obra. fig 34_ch_obra. fig 35_ch_planta. fig 36_ch_vista. fig 37_ch_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 38_ch_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 39_ch_axo. fig 40_ch_planta. fig 41_ch_vista. fig 42_ch_obra. fig 43_ch_obra. fig 44_ch_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 45_ch_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 46_ch_axo. fig 47_ch_vista. fig 48_ch_planta. fig 49_ch_obra.fig 50_ch_obra. fig 51_ch_planta. fig 52_ch_vista. fig 53_ch_obra.fig 54_ch_planta. fig 55_ch_obra. fig 56_ch_obra. fig 57_ch_vista. fig 58_ch_obra.fig 59_ch_obra. fig 60_ch_vista. fig 61_ch_axo. fig 62_ch_planta. fig 63_ch_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 64_ch_JavierAgustinRojas. fig 65_ch_obra.